Cost:  € 1000+ IVA/ year

The Silver Package is designed to be a diverse management solution for property owners. It ensures the property is secured and inspected with the peace of mind that we can be called upon at any stage.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is a little extra!

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Holding of keys:

Keys are held in a secure location and are coded to minimise the possibility of use by unauthorised persons. We require each property to have two sets of keys.
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Bi-weekly Inspections:

* This inspection ensures security of the property by ascertaining attempts at illegal entry,
Damage due to water from rainfall, drainage, pipe leaks or flooding from other properties,
Damage due to wind and other external elements and factors,
* Identification of insect or other infestation,
* Collection and disposal of unwanted flyers and similar promotions ‘slid under the door’,
* Ensure that water and electricity are ‘off’, or as instructed,
* General status review,
* Inspection Reports emailed to owners via email if required along with photos.

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Postal Collection:

Collection from the post office or collection point and delivery to the property to ensure that all mail is collected and there is no obvious sign of absence.  Could also include the disposal of obvious unsolicited mail.

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Information Pack to include:

* Community Rules
* List of important telephone numbers
* Maps of local area showing medical, postal and shopping locations and information.


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General Advice and Assistance:

This is one of the most important “services” we offer. We have advanced knowledge regarding the area, property purchasing, the local neighborhoods and how, in general, things are structured in Spain.

Please feel free to call us, or message us with any question or query regarding your life in Spain. We may be able to give you advice or point you in the right direction; we collaborate with many different services from lawyers to translators to energy departments, and with the added bonus that we speak Spanish improves the chances of a smooth solution.


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We provide a quality service. We are able to achieve this due to our experience in the world of real estates: We are well connected; therefore able to find cost-effective solutions for our property owners.

Whilst we deliver quality solutions, we ensure our services are low cost, friendly, effective and professional in order to satisfy every client that comes our way.




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